VMRO-DPMNE’s Kovacki Levels New Accusations at Spasovski and Zaev

“Institutions mustn’t be used for party pressures,” VMRO-DPMNE’s Dragan Kovacki said at a press-conference on Monday. The opposition party revealed, as it said, new messages from the Viber group that, during the election campaign is Prilep, was making blacklists of cars that should be stopped while driving, lists for voting, and also issuing orders to physically follow and issue made-up offences against people not sympathisers of SDSM. “Instead of acting on behalf of the law, they were acting on behalf of the ruling party. This para-police party formation serving SDSM was carrying out brutal abuse. People from Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski’s closest surrounding participated in it, in addition to the Prilep police’s administration and commanders. According to what we have for insight, this group was under the command of the Ministry’s Kire Kitanoski, a man of the Adviser of Oliver Spasovski, Oliver Lukaroski,” he stated. SDSM fully rejected the accusations. However, the ruling party said VMRO-DPMNE was exerting pressures and threatening to retaliate in municipalities where the party had won mayoral seats in the first round.