Zaev: If SDSM Loses Local Election in Skopje, I Shall Resign

PM Zoran Zaev said at a press conference in the government on Tuesday that he is ready to resign if the candidate of SDSM for Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov loses the local election in the second round of voting which is to take place on 31 October. “We are sending to members and supporters of SDSM a message of mobilisation. I am a fighter myself, but we cannot do anything without support from the people. One can be a brave leader, and have his country become a NATO member and candidate for starting membership talks with the EU, but I cannot manage a government under the auspices of which there are municipalities that spread nationalism and conservativism. This is why I am ready to resign from the position of Prime Minister if we lose in Skopje, but even if that happens, the government will still be managed by SDSM,” Zaev said.