DUI Declares Victory in 10 Municipalities but Loses in Tetovo and Gostivar

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said at a press-conference at the party’s HQ on Sunday night that the election process had been according to the expected standards. As he said, he will head to Kicevo to celebrate the victory of his party’s mayoral candidate there, Fatmir Dehari. According to DUI Spokesperson Bujar Osmani, DUI’s candidates won in 10 municipalities, that is, Kicevo, Struga, Cair, Aracinovo, Terce, Dolneni, Saraj, Lipkovo, Plasnica, and Bogovinje. However, DUI lost the Tetovo mayoral race. The party’s candidate, Teuta Arifi, was defeated by BESA leader Bilall Kasami. Arifi congratulated Kasami on his victory, wishing him successful work, considering, as she said, Tetovo was a city with many challenges. DUI lost the Gostivar mayoral race as well. Arben Taravari of Alliance for Albanins won a second term. “We brutally defeated the government in Gostivar,” he stated.