Zaev Resigning as both PM and SDSM President

On Sunday night, after the end of the voting process, Zoran Zaev said he was resigning as both PM and SDSM President. “Allow me, on behalf of SDSM and all our people, to congratulate our opponents,” he said, adding that he took full responsibility for the political developments. According to Zaev, huge use of money by the opposition was visible on the ground. “It is my duty to comment that a lot of money on the ground, which had come dominantly from outside, was visible among the opposition,” he pointed out. As he added, the money was given for political and economic reasons. Part of the big amount, according to Zaev, was given also by domestic businesspersons, primarily owners of construction companies for future personal financial interests and plans. “I regret that all this money is a significant reason for this election result,” he pointed out.