New Government Reportedly Expected to be Formed in 10 Days

At the meetings PM Zoran Zaev had with the Democratic Union and LDP, there was a discussion on his potential successors. Next week, SDSM’s most senior party bodies will be in session and need to voice a stand on the resignation issue. Zaev told them he wasn’t changing his mind and would resign as SDSM President, too. The expectations are that the name of the PM-designate will be known in several days, while the new government is expected to be formed in 10 days. LDP President Goran Milevski believes there should be a revision of all weaknesses in the frames of the Government. When it comes to the parliamentary majority issue, cooperation with Alternative still hasn’t been agreed. Afrim Gashi’s party is silent. It only says it will voice its position after the meetings of the party’s organs these days. The party describes all rumours as speculations and pressure attempts.