Sekerinska Hopeful with New Bulgarian Government

“It is encouraging that a possible new government in Bulgaria says we need a new approach. We will have the same spirit of good neighbourliness, openness and the same desire to find solutions and move forward. If there is half of that spirit on the Bulgarian side, as we see these days, it is possible to see a turnaround. Definitely a new approach will be useful for us and for them,” said Minister of Defence Radmila Sekerinska, after the final conference of the group for military integration of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO. “The statements made in the past period and the result of the Bulgarian elections are encouraging, because, Bulgaria has been put in a situation not to block the country and Albania, but in some way to block itself as well,” she adds. She referred to the comment that from Sofia to get to Skopje by plane you have to go through Vienna, emphasizing that this is a specific issue for which they need to spend much more energy than for the issues that, she underlined, takes a lot of time, almost a whole year of bilateral cooperation.