Nikolovski Does Not See Himself as Candidate for Prime Minister

The Deputy Prime Minister for Fight against Corruption and Crime, Sustainable Development and Human Resources, Ljupco Nikolovski, at Monday’s press conference where the E-Inspector was presented, said that he does not see himself as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. “Tomorrow’s scheduled meetings in SDSM cause attention. It is the largest political party and organization that is democratic, modern, in which a few months ago there was a direct election for president of the party, there was only one candidate. And if it is decided now to open the same procedures, we will have a fully open, transparent, democratic procedure in which is unseen in any political party and where anyone who meets the conditions will be able to run. I do not see myself as such and I will not be one of the candidates,” said Nikolovski regarding whether he is seen as a successor to Zoran Zaev as Prime Minister.