Zaev: Now Is the Most Positive Period to Find Solution with Bulgaria

Between 14 December and 15 January is the period when the General Affairs Council can be held. It is an opportunity to step forward and finally, after 16 and a half years, to start negotiations. It is a matter of weeks,” said PM Zoran Zaev. He believes that this is an important period that requires greater responsibility and that a stable majority and a Government are needed, which is provided by the entry of Alternative. He reiterated that he is resigning from both positions, the leadership and the party, and that the new prime minister-designate will decide on the personnel solutions proposed by Alternative. “The international experts who will be requested by the European Commission for the investigation of court cases, which was one of the requests of Alternative to enter the Government, will not annul the verdicts, but will give their opinions to our institutions,” said Zaev.