Mickoski: I Expect Start of Negotiations with EU in Just Over a Week

I expect the country to start negotiations with the EU in a little over a week from today, because it deserves it not only because of the reforms, but simply because of everything that the Macedonian citizen did and Macedonia deserved to have the start of negotiations,” said VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski. “We share those values ​​with the EU and indeed this is the high time for the EU to show its values ​​in action and to abandon those hegemonic demands by our eastern neighbour that have nothing to do with European values, but these are demands that may be appropriate for 2-3 centuries in the past, and not for two or three centuries in the future,” said Mickoski. Asked whether the survival of the current government depends on the start of negotiations, Mickoski replied that “the life of this government depends on how soon they will realize that they are essentially dysfunctional”.