Convincing Victory by Kovacevski in SDSM Intra-Party Elections

The President of the Central Election Commission of SDSM, Viktorija Madic, announced the results of the intra-party elections of SDSM. Dimitar Kovacevski is the new president of SDSM. He was elected with 37,649 votes from the membership. The other two candidates were Jovan Despotovski who won 3,319 votes and Frosina Remenski who received 2,836 votes. 602 ballots were invalid. SDSM presidential candidate Jovan Despotovski sincerely congratulates Kovacevski for the victory and Remenski for the fight. “It was possible to see a democratic process, as befits our party and state,” Depotovski said. “Today SDSM won, and from tomorrow we should start working, because the citizens expect us to work responsibly and dedicatedly,” said Kovacevski. Asked about the possibility of Despotovski and Remenski being part of his team, Kovacevski said that their programs are compatible and everything that is important will be incorporated in the party program. Despotovski said that he continues as an ordinary member of the party, and Remenski agreed that she will share his expert opinions.