State Officials, Politicians Extend Greetings for New Year 2022

President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski addressed the citizens via a video-message, extending his greetings for the New Year holidays. “Dear citizens, we leave behind us another year with pandemic, and a year with two major tragedies in which we lost many human lives. This is why the heroes of the year for all of us are the healthcare workers, the emergency rescue teams and all other people who worked very hard in 2021 to keep our lives as stable as possible and prevent further losses. Let us all turn to hope for a better tomorrow in 2022 and let us work together to build a society that will care for and protect the weak, that will value the virtues among people, a society in which young people want to build their future in their own country. I wish you all good health and peaceful and prosperous lives,” Pendarovski said. Similar greetings via video were also extended by Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. “2021 was a rather difficult year for many of us, in which everything was functioning in difficult conditions and with obstacles. Let us make 2022 better by investing our efforts in building a society of tolerance and peace, in which we can count on each other’s help when needed,” Xhaferi said. Greetings were also extended by Outgoing PM Zoran Zaev. “Let us see the New Year as a window for new opportunities. I am glad that with your support, we managed to integrate the country in NATO, and hopefully soon in the EU too, and that our national identity is finally solidified and recognised by the international community, and for that I thank all citizens of North Macedonia, no matter their ethnicity, gender or religion,” Zaev wrote on Facebook.