Infectious Diseases Committee Presents Recommendations

The Infectious Diseases Committee has recommended for COVID recovery certificates to last 180 instead of 45 days after the date of a positive PCR test. Spokesperson Zlate Mehmedovic said on Tuesday one of the recommendations was related to the report presented by the Public Health Institute, which included an analysis of all hospitalisation cases and deaths from 1 to 31 January this year. “The analysis shows that in the period covered by the analyses, just six patients with a received third dose died,” he noted. According to Mehmedovic, all people that died had comorbidities, including diabetes and obesity. The third recommendation concerns existing instructions for treatment of COVID patients and posting them on the website of the Health Ministry and Medical Chamber, and additionally sending to general practitioners and COVID centres. The last recommendation concerned students. Part of the Health Ministry’s tests will be used to assess the transmissibility of the virus in schools. The recommendation for wearing a mask in schools remains. According to the Committee, it is still early to annul certificates because the number of vaccinated persons is low.