Petkov Asks for Information over Two Incidents in Skopje and Bitola

On Tuesday, PM Dimitar Kovacevski received a phone call from his Bulgarian counterpart. Kiril Petkov asked for information about the two incidents in Skopje and Bitola. The wreaths laid by the Bulgarian delegation at Goce Delcev’s grave in the capital were damaged, while in Bitola, the glasses of the Vanco Mihailov Club were broken. Kovacevski said he told Petkov the Interior Ministry was investigating the wreath issue. Regarding the case in Bitola, Kovacevski said it had not been a political incident, that is, it had been one motivated by private reasons.  Also, Kovacevski stated that 10 and 11 February would see representatives of the two countries’ Foreign Ministries hold a meeting at which they would discuss the open political issues between Skopje and Sofia.