Kovacevski: There Should Be No Panic Among Citizens

There should be no panic among the citizens regarding uninterrupted supply of fuels. Our country has fuels for uninterrupted supply of gas stations, we are supplied with fuel through the Republic of Greece and there is no problem there,” stated Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, answering a journalist question, after a meeting with representatives of pensioners’ associations. The Prime Minister emphasized that what happened the day before was caused by several smaller sellers of petroleum products, which limited the quantities for speculative reasons. “The Government is committed to maintaining the economic system stable, to a stable fiscal policy, we confirm that today, by fulfilling another promise regarding the introduction of a new methodology of pensions and the introduction of a quarterly financial assistance of one thousand denars for retirees, exactly because of this great economic crisis in which Europe finds itself, including our country,” added the Prime Minister.