Petrovska from London Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine

We fully condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. North Macedonia, together with NATO allies, strongly supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and the attack by Russia is a violation of international law and human rights in Ukraine,” said Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska at a roundtable held at RUSI – Royal United Services Institute in London, United Kingdom, on “Contemporary security threats and their impact on the Western Balkans”. Petrovska stressed that the list of security threats today is really wide with an emphasis on growing cyber and hybrid threats. “NATO has a clear response to all security threats – we are increasing our defence and deterrence readiness and we are supporting international efforts for stability and security globally,” she said. Petrovska stressed that in this security situation in Europe, the significance of North Macedonia’s membership in NATO is quite clear. Minister Petrovska said that in this regard it is especially important to accelerate the process of the country’s integration into the EU because integration has a serious security element.