Government Approves Army Plan for Procurement of New Equipment

The Government of North Macedonia adopted at a session held on Tuesday the annual plan for conclusion of contracts for public procurements in the field of defence and security with governments of foreign countries for 2022. The plan contains 8 projects that will be realised through conclusion of contracts with NATO members states for procurement of military equipment. “In accordance with the plans of the Army of North Macedonia, there will be procurements of light armoured vehicles (LAVs), specialised vehicles for special operations, artillery system and ammunition of 105 mm, equipment for expeditions and intelligence, Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and other necessary equipment. This equipment will increase the interoperability of the Army with the armies of its allies in NATO,” the government writes in an announcement. Also on Tuesday, Defence Minister Slavjanka Petrovska and Chief of Staff of the Army of North Macedonia, General Major Vasko Gjurcinovski, held a briefing with the ambassadors of the states the armies of which will participate in the military exercise “Swift Response 22” this spring at the Krivolak Military Training Grounds.