There Will Be No Leadership Meeting for Early Parliamentary Elections

Prime Minister Kovacevski rejected the offer of the opposition leader Mickoski to sit at the table and discuss the topic of when to hold early parliamentary elections. He reiterated that it is irresponsible for him to impose this issue, when the country is facing numerous crises, rising food and energy prices, but also at a time when war is taking place on European soil. According to Mickoski, precisely because of the economic and energy crisis, a leadership meeting is needed. VMRO-DPMNE believes that there are staff in their ranks who could be involved and help solve current problems. The decision to block Parliament for the opposition party is a legitimate step approved by the highest party bodies, if the government does not accept to call elections soon. So far, Kovacevski and Mickoski have not held a leadership meeting since the new leader of SDSM took over as prime minister in January. The president of the largest opposition party last sat at the same table with Kovacevski’s predecessor, Zaev, in March last year. At that meeting, they agreed to postpone the census for several months, amend the Electoral Code and unblock Parliament.