Petkov Urges Radev to Convene Security Council over Skopje-Sofia Issue

Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov has in a video address urged the country’s President, Rumen Radev, to convene the Consultative Council on National Security over the state of the Skopje-Sofia negotiations. On Friday, he said the Bulgarian Government wouldn’t do anything without broad national consent. He also pointed to adjustment with the coalition deal of the ruling coalition. In Petkov’s view, all parties, all services, and the President’s Cabinet should take part in the Consultative Council. He urged the Foreign Ministry to submit a report on the state of the negotiations. Petkov asked for the report to be debated also at the regular coalition council next week. He confirmed the Government wouldn’t do anything on the basis of external pressure and before full understanding at a level of coalition council, deep discussion in the National Security Council, and a clear and confirmed stand of the highest body in Bulgaria’s Parliament.