Reactions to Vancho Mihailov Club Fire Continue

A masked person who had come by bike caused the fire to the entry of the Vancho Mihailov club in Bitola, according to Bulgarian Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska. As she told Bulgarian media on Sunday, she saw that in the footage from the security cameras. However, the Bulgarian politician didn’t specify which cameras and who had enabled that. The investigation is underway, while Genchovska believes that authorities in North Macedonia will find the perpetrator. “In the footage of one of the cameras, I was able to see a man calmly arriving by bike, pulling out a tube with inflammable liquid, and calmly pouring outside the door of the house. This calm was a little shaken because the fire that burst was huge, the man got afraid. I suspect he has some injuries caused by the fire, perhaps he will seek medical help. The man is wearing a mask. In my view, this act was done in cold blood and in a meditated manner,” she told BGNES. In North Macedonia, Genchovska held meetings with her counterpart, Bujar Osmani.