Xhaferi Audio: Proposal for Debate in Frames of Committee Rejected

With five votes for and four against, VMRO-DPMNE’s proposal for a debate on a violation by the Code of Ethics by Parliament Speaker and MP Talat Xhaferi was rejected. On Monday, the Chairperson of the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory-Immunity Issues Panco Minov, read the draft agenda, which was followed by five MPs from the government voting against and four opposition parliamentarians voting for a debate. Minov found the agenda hadn’t been accepted and closed the session. The outcome sparked a lot of reactions. Parliamentarians from Hristijan Mickoski’s party said the Code of Ethics no longer existed. On the other hand, Xhaferi’s party, DUI, said its member was the most successful Speaker. SDSM issued a press-release saying the opposition’s blockade, obstructions, and tensions had no effect.