Singer Alabakovski Detained over Vancho Mihailov Club Fire

Singer Lambe Alabakovski, , has been detained under suspicion that he is the one responsible for the Vancho Mihailov club fire in Bitola. On Monday night, with a court order, there was a search at two facilities owned by the suspect, where items related to the crime were found and taken away. Afterwards, the person was deprived of liberty, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said on Tuesday. As he added, the clothes and other items are associated with the crime, which means the authorities have undisputed evidence. “It’s about a 34-year-old person with initials L.A. who lives in Bitola. The Interior Ministry is seeking a detention measure because the conditions for that are met, but we will nonetheless wait for a decision by the relevant court,” the Minister noted. The information sparked a lot of reactions. Levica said the only one who should be prosecuted is the President of the club. Dimitar Apasiev’s party will contact the lawyers that will represent Alabakovski and offer to cover the defence costs. The party’s branch in Bitola will also organise a protest in Bitola for, as it was said, freedom of Alabakovski. Moreover, a judge in a preliminary procedure sentenced Albakovski to 8 days in detention, Telma sources say. This measure is determined due to danger that the suspect will flee as Alabakovski holds dual citizenship, of North Macedonia and of USA, where he lived recently.