Michel: EU Membership of North Macedonia Priority for EU

EU membership of North Macedonia is a priority for the EU. That was the message sent by European Council President Charles Michel in Ohrid on Thursday. He said they were working hard on lifting the Bulgarian veto in order for the negotiations to start as soon as possible. Michel didn’t directly comment on the news that France will submit a proposal to the EU members for the veto to be lifted. President Stevo Pendarovski warned that a further delay of the start would negatively impact the support for the EU and the security in the region and Europe. As he added, the French proposal is an internal matter of the Union and has not been submitted to North Macedonia. Regarding the demand for inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution, Pendarovski stated that according to the procedure, it couldn’t be solved in one week. He said there should be firm political guarantees from Brussels and Sofia that there will not be new Bulgarian demands. At the meeting with Michel,