Osmani: “French Proposal” Has Not Been Received So Far

Formally, no “French proposal” has been received so far as a possible solution to the blockade by Bulgaria, because first the opinions of the EU member states, with which we are in constant communication, are obtained. Hence, there is no possibility for any proposal to be submitted to Parlaiment and/or its bodies. Secondly, eventual protocol, which is mentioned as a ready document, may be a record of the Intergovernmental Commission between North Macedonia and Bulgaria, which is provided for in the Friendship Agreement of 2017. So far, only one session of this Commission has been held, in 2019 and the minutes have been publicly available for three years, hence, there is no finalized minutes because the second session of the Intergovernmental Commission was not held,” explains Osmani in relation to the letter by Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy, MP Antonio Milososki, in which he requests that immediately the protocol and the Negotiating Framework related to Bulgaria be delivered to Parliament.