Protests and March Against French Proposal in Skopje, Police Officers Hurt

The protests against the French proposal for the beginning of accession negotiations with the EU of North Macedonia entered the fourth day. On Tuesday, several thousand citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the proposal in front of the government headquarters, and from there they continued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Parliament. Several firecrackers and eggs were thrown at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and the resignation of Minister Bujar Osmani was demanded. The protest continued in front of the Parliament, where resignations were again demanded, first of all from Osmani, but also from the entire government. Several speakers from the stage said that the French proposal was unacceptable to them. After the behaviour of some of the participants escalated, the police resisted them on several occasions and succeeded in dispersing them from in front of the Parliament and pushing them towards the “Zena Borec” park. At least 4 people were detained and 11 police officers were injured.