MoI Investigates Violent Protests and Organizers

“Demonstrators with placards waved at the police cordon. The police did not react for some time. 47 police officers were injured. 11 severely, and two have serious injuries,” Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, added that 11 people were detained Tuesday, two of them minors. It is yet to be considered what action will be taken against them, and that also depends on the evidence. An Operational Headquarters has been established in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through which the protests are monitored. Spasovski says that the police have information about who is behind the incidents and from which structure they come, but he did not want to reveal details because an investigation is underway. He says, there were reports of riots for Wednesday night as well. “Even a group of those who want to demonstrate are also preparing Molotov cocktails, which would be intended for the buildings of vital facilities, and therefore I want to appeal once again to give up such an idea. We will not allow life or a vital object to be endangered in any case. Does this group you mentioned come from a political party or a fan group? I said, you have much more information than me and generally the public, because it is not something that is a secret. We know who are the organizers of the protests. It is part of the investigation and it is being worked on, so those details will be communicated further,” said Spasovski.