Government Celebrates Start of EU Accession Talks

The Government of North Macedonia organised on Wednesday evening a reception for high-profile guests on occasion the start of the accession talks with the EU. Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski opened the reception and addressed the guests. “Yesterday, we opened the final chapter of our long journey towards full integration in the EU, something that has been a strategic goal of our country since it declared independence. We have done a lot, and we faced serious challenges and made bold decisions, but finally, it is all paying off. We managed to reach the stage of negotiations for EU membership, and for that I thank you all who are present here, current and former state officials, politicians, MPs, ambassadors, businesspeople, NGO sector representatives and the media. Finally, we are starting the long-awaited membership negotiations with the EU, and we shall employ all administrative capacities of the state so that we complete this process as soon as possible. We are becoming part of the EU, as Macedonians who speak Macedonian language. Our national identity and language remain protected and promoted, and they will enrich the cultural diversity of the EU. We are ready, like never before, to become part of the EU. May this new beginning be fortunate for all of us,” Kovacevski said.