Mickoski: Our Positions on Referendum May Converge with Those of Pendarovski

VMRO-DPMNE Leader Hristijan Mickoski said that he expects for President Stevo Pendarovski to support their initiative for a referendum over the French proposal, and to vote in the same if it takes place. “The positions we are discussing within our party are very close to those President Pendarovski recently presented. If our positions indeed converge, I hope that he will come out to support the initiative and that he will vote in the referendum himself. Once we conclude the intra-party consultations, I would try to initiate a meeting with the leaders of the other political parties so we can define further the matter with this referendum. We want to have a bounding referendum, i.e. the result of which will bound the government to act in accordance with the will of the people, while SDSM and Dui do not want this to be successful, for they want to proceed with the corruptive ruling over the country so they can gain as much profit for themselves as possible,” Mickoski said. In an interview for Kanal 5 TV, President Pendarovski said that the latest statements of Mickoski are mere manipulations with the public. “They oppose the segments of the French proposal which focus on our agreements with Bulgaria and with Greece. For me, the only relevant question is whether we want our country to be member of the EU or not. I say that it is okay to ask the people, but it is also fair for them to state that they [VMRO-DPMNE] are against it,” Pendarovski said.