President Pendarovski Visits Prohor Pcinski Monastery for Ilinden Holiday

President of North Macedonia headed on Tuesday the delegation that paid an official visit to the Prohor Pcinski monastery in Serbia on occasion Day of the Republic – Ilinden (2 August). The monastery is the place where the first assembly of the Anti-Fascist Assembly for National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM) was held back in 1944, at which the participants outlined the concept for a free and independent Macedonian state. However, due to unresolved disputes between the Orthodox Churches of Serbia and of North Macedonia, an official Macedonian delegation was not able to visit the monastery for Ilinden for more than 20 years. “This is the birthplace of the modern-day Macedonian state, and I am glad that we are here once again after so many years. I hope that this will be the beginning of a very beautiful tradition that will continue in the years to come, and we will gladly visit this place to pay our respect to the people responsible for the foundation of our state,” President Pendarovski said.