Finance Police Department Files Criminal Charges Against BPPOOC Prosecutors

The top management of the Finance Police Department, headed by Director Arafat Muaremi, officially filed on Monday criminal charges against some of the prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime (BPPOOC). Muaremi and the Finance Police Department suspect that the prosecutors from BPPOOC have broken the law in the recent process of conducting a search in his office at the Finance Police Department. Last week, Muaremi himself announced the criminal charges, pointing the finger at Head Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska and prosecutors Ivana Trajceva and Elizabeta Josifovska. Muaremi believes that the search in his office, for which BPPOOC states has been done upon reports and complaints by citizens for alleged blackmail, has been done in an illegal manner, without concrete evidence against him or the Finance Police Department. When Muaremi announced the charges, Ruskovska called upon international institutions for assistance, claiming that a state official is tampering with the work of the BPPOOC.