Criminal Charges Filed Against Employee from PE Communal Hygiene Skopje

The Interior Ministry informed that they have concluded the investigation over the incident with the two journalists of TV Klan in the premises of the PE Communal Hygiene Skopje from few days ago. The Interior Ministry reports that criminal charges have been filed against Communal Hygiene employees A.M.B., who during the incident took away from the journalists the mobile phone with which they were recording video for the article they intended to make about the dismissal of 33 employees from the public enterprise. The two journalists went to Communal Hygiene Skopje to make an article about the dismissals, but were encountered by A.M.B. who took from them their mobile telephone, and were held in a room against their will by three security guards until the police arrived after a call by one of the journalists. The dismissal of the employees provoked numerous reactions by the public of mixed nature, where some justified the dismissals, while others claim they are politically motivated.