Pendarovski: Our Language Is Alive as Long as We Speak It

President Stevo Pendarovski attended and addressed on Friday the 55th International Seminar for Macedonian Language, Literature and Culture, which takes place in Ohrid from 17 August till 2 September. “Not a single document or declaration cannot secure the existence of a language if it is not alive, i.e. if no people use the language,” Pendarovski said. At a press conference after the event, President Pendarovski said that he does not expect for the members of the Macedonian team in the Macedonian-Bulgarian Historical Affairs Committee would accept “quasi-historical and quasi-political” arguments. “Very often such arguments happen to come from official Sofia. If some people, even after all detailed explanations, do not understand that the recommendations of the Commission do not affect the Macedonian language and identity, we cannot help them,” Pendarovski said, adding that he has no doubts over the work of the Macedonian team in the Commission.