Andonov with Initiative for Replacement of Mickoski as VMRO-DPMNE Leader

The new faction for democratic revitalisation of VMRO-DPMNE, as it was reported, has demanded for Hristijan Mickoski to be replaced as party leader. One of the initiators is Oliver Andonov, a former Interior Minister, whose term lasted one day in one of the so-called Przino governments. As he said on Wednesday, that doesn’t mean there is a new wing within VMRO-DPMNE, but rather that there will be action in the frames of the party. Andonov claims he has support also from a sufficient number of Central Committee members and from the narrower leadership. Andonov didn’t reveal names and specify what his remarks were. In response, Mickoski stated that there was no faction, adding that after every such or similar attempt, VMRO-DPMNE emerged stronger. According to the party, Andonov’s initiative is so hopeless that it is not worthy of a special comment.