PM Kovacevski Addresses UN General Assembly

There is no alternative to a better life than EU membership. That was the message sent by PM Dimitar Kovacevski in his address to the UN General Assembly. As he added, North Macedonia has waited for too long, but it remains committed to achieving the strategic goal. Regarding the Ukraine situation, Kovacevski condemned the Russian aggression. In the context of new circumstances, the swift integration of Skopje will be also a sign of encouragement from the EU to the other countries. When it comes to the region, Kovacevski stated that it expected the enlargement process, adding that regardless of how much progressive leaderships the region had, it was not immune to the global challenges. Prior to the address, also in New York, the PM had met Derek Chollet, Counsellor of the US Department of State, American Jewish Committee representatives, and prominent citizens of North Macedonia who live and work in the United States.