Dissatisfied DUI Members Meet Ahmeti in Mala Recica

The dissatisfied members of DUI held a meeting with the party’s leader, Ali Ahmeti, in Mala Recica on Thursday. The first ones that met Ahmeti where the leadership and MPs from the Saraj branch. Those from Cair followed.  After the meeting, Saraj Mayor Blerim Bexheti posted a photo of him and Ahmeti, referring to the DUI leader as a friend. However, he underlines that he is firm in his stand against the executive power. However, according to the MP Arben Ziberi, who is not part of the so-called Fire Group but was present, the meeting was constructive and saw a positive and democratic atmosphere. Artan Grubi, the person at whom the dissatisfaction of the recent letter’s signatories is directed, was not the topic of discussion. Ziberi said that most of the discussions had been about DUI’s policies and promises, important municipal projects, and potential support from the Government. There were no announcements about independent action of MPs Izet Mexhiti and Merita Koxhaxhiku, who are part of the dissatisfied group.