IPSOS Poll: VMRO-DPMNE with Rating of 19%, SDSM with 9%

According to an IPSOS poll on the parties’ ratings, VMRO-DPMNE is in the lead, with 19%. SDSM is second, with 9%. They are is followed by DUI (6%), Levica (5%), Alliance for Albanians (2%), BESA (1%), DPA (1%), and Alternative (1%). When it comes to the French proposal, 25.1% of respondents support it, whereas 61.8% said they didn’t. VMRO-DPMNE’s Hristijan Mickoski is the politician with the highest rating. In response, SDSM said VMRO-DPMNE had ordered the poll to distract the public’s attention from the results in the elections Hristijan Mickoski’s party had in Tetovo, Centar Zupa, and Mavrovo i Rostuse, as well as from the developments in relation to the treatment station for Skopje.