Varhelyi: Sustained Reform Progress of North Macedonia Towards EU

North Macedonia is making moderate progress according to almost all criteria, and there is good progress in the economic ones. Among other things, this is stated in the EC Report on North Macedonia’s progress. European Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi presenting part of the report before the European Parliament pointed to the necessity to continue the fight against corruption as well as the reform of the public administration. “The past year was significant for North Macedonia, the start of the accession negotiation process and the holding of the first political intergovernmental conference with the EU was a breakthrough for the country. North Macedonia has shown its commitment and has shown moderate progress in the implementation of EU reforms. But the country must hurry up and use the screening process, explore its full potential in order to speed up the implementation of the EU regulations. The fight against corruption must continue and greater efforts are needed in the reform of public administration,” stated EU Commissioner Varhelyi.