Findings of New Investigation into Besa Bus Accident Submitted in Pernik

A series of irregularities and omissions in the road infrastructure was determined by the new expertise on the section of the Struma highway in Bulgaria, where 46 Macedonian citizens died in a Besa Trans bus in November last year. In a statement to BTV, the lawyer of the families, Nikolaj Dimitrov, revealed that they will also seek to locate responsibility at the Road Infrastructure Agency of Bulgaria. Previously, the Bulgarian state investigative authorities concluded that excessive speed, not adapted to the road conditions, was the main cause of the tragedy. The investigators from Sofia confirmed that it was a human factor, which is why the Prosecutor’s Office there decided not to press charges. The lawyer expects that additional expertise will now be requested, which will have to clarify all doubts. “It can be seen in the other direction, there should be a mandatory marking that will mark the end of the road lane that orients the drivers with a certain sound and vibrating signal and has certain reflective properties when they leave the road lane. You can see how far it is missing, 3 km before the place where the accident happened. The driver did not know where he was on the highway at that bend. We do not deny his guilt, the driver is also at fault. But he simply had no idea where he was on the road. This is the deadly part. And until someone goes to prison, these cases will not stop,” said Dimitrov.