Meeting Announced, Ahmeti with Leaders of Albanian Opposition Parties

By the end of this week, Bilal Kasami will try to hold a meeting with the leaders of all Albanian parties in the country, the Besa Movement confirms for Kanal 5. They will send an invitation to Ali Ahmeti, Arben Taravari, Afrim Gashi and Menduh Thaci, in order to build a common position to change the wording in the constitution where the Albanian language stands as a language spoken by 20% of the population. The statement of the leader of DUI Ahmeti that the “20 percent” does not threaten the position of the Albanians is considered scandalous, and officially they only confirm that they will fight for such a constitutional change. Ahmeti said this weekend that the Albanian language will be specified in the Macedonian Constitution at the right time and Macedonians will not be harmed by this, without specifying whether he will try to dissuade other Albanian parties from making the constitutional changes conditional on this issue.