Mickoski to Attend Leadership Meeting

The President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, will attend the leadership meeting in the Parliament on Monday, Mickoski confirmed in the address of the report on the work of the mayors of the party. “The most realistic reason for which a leadership meeting would have content is a conversation about the real problems of the people who are hungry, and whose way out, we and the entire public know, are early parliamentary elections. And as for the constitutional amendments, that issue is a closed topic because there will be no constitutional amendments under these circumstances and without guarantees for our European future protected from future conditions from Bulgaria. As a person, I do not accept blackmail, nor do I negotiate behind the scenes. And all those installations and megaphones of the government who believe in conspiracy theories, let it be clear to them that without, I repeat, clear guarantees for a European future for Macedonia where Bulgaria will not have the opportunity to brake that process, without such clear guarantees for the Macedonian identity, the Macedonian language, there will be no constitutional amendments. Everyone should know that,” Mickoski said.