Poll: More Than 60% of Citizens Think Country Moves in Wrong Direction

A poll conducted by the news web portal MKD.mk reveals that almost 60% of the citizens believe that the country does not move in a positive direction, and 61.2% of them locate the responsibility for this within the government and the parties of the ruling majority. More than 67% believe that the government’s work is unsuccessful, and 76% think the same about the judicial sector. Asked to answer what is the greatest problem for the country at the moment, 44% said that it is the inflation and the growth of prices of different products, 26.3% said it is the unemployment and the reduced economic activities, while 20% believe it is the high rate of crime and corruption. Asked whether they would vote if a parliamentary election is held tomorrow, 56.6% said they would. Of them, 18.6% would support VMRO-DPMNE, while 9.4% would support SDSM. 43.4% said they would not vote, while 21.5% refused to answer which party they would vote for.