Relatives of Laskarci Accident Victims Believe Investigation is Being Tampered

Family members of the 15 victims of the Laskarci bus accident from February 2019 addressed criticism at the judicial authorities, because the trial over the accident is prolonged due to the order for a second-degree investigation over the entire case. “We are now waiting for a new second-degree investigation, and me and the other people who lost their loved ones in the accident believe that there is something suspicious with this investigation, having in mind that all relevant institutions the court asked to do this second-degree investigation have rejected the task with claims that the first investigation done by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje and the Bureau for Forensic Medicine is done quite professionally. We fear that it is done in order for someone to protect the ones responsible for the accident,” said Blagojce Trpevski whose son lost his life in the accident. From the Criminal Court in Skopje, they report that the second-degree investigation will be conducted by the Bureau for Forensic Research on 29 November.