Minor Responsible for False Bomb Tips in Four Schools in Skopje

The Interior Ministry filed criminal charges against an underage boy from Skopje under suspicion that he sent some of the threatening e-mails to schools in Skopje with false tips about planted bombs. According to the report of the Interior Ministry, the boy noticed the reports about the bomb tips on social networks between 26 October and 2 November 2022, and noticed that the messages have been sent through a certain service provider that allows encryption of the communications. Motivated by this, the boy sent on 4 November 2022 from his personal computer created a new e-mail address on the server of the specific service provider, and wrote the false tips about planted bombs, which he later sent to four secondary schools in Skopje by accessing his e-mail account via his mobile telephone. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said at a press conference that the procedure for securing evidence against the perpetrators in these cases is rather complex. “According to our information, this is a domain registered in the United States, making it rather difficult for us to secure evidence in order to process the cases further and put an end to these criminal activities,” Spasovski said.