Session for Parliamentary Questions Held

The central topic at Thursday’s session for parliamentary questions was the issue of controversial Macedonian citizenship documents. VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovacki asked PM Dimitar Kovacevski whether he had known before he had picked Zarko Milosevski as Director of the Agency for National Security, that he, as an operative, had signed the document concerning Oleksandr Onyschenko and if he hadn’t, whether he would dismiss him now. The opposition was asked about a case from the period of its rule. Ruling coalition MP Enes Ibrahim of the Party for Movement of Turks, asked about the Macedonian citizenship issue of Turkish billionaire Reza Zarrab, born in Turkey, who’s currently detained in the US, obtained in 2015. The opposition once again asked about the Counter case in the context of Kovacevski. Deputy PM for Good Governance Policies Slavica Grkovska said the case was closed, meaning was there was no conflict of interest. This was the last session for parliamentary questions in 2022. According to the statistics, MPs had just 88 working days at plenary sessions. The results are bad also when it comes to committee debates too. The Education Committee has failed to complete any of the 10 laws it needs to consider.