Rule of Law, Fight against Corruption Discussed at Kovacevski-Chollet Meeting

The rule of law and fight against corruption were among the topics at Wednesday’s meeting between PM Dimitar Kovacevski and Derek Chollet, Counselor of the US Department of State. Kovacevski presented to Chollet the high cases of cooperation in North Macedonia and some progress in the judiciary because his assessment is that not everything is dark in that sphere. As the PM added, the topic concerning the Sanctions Team from Washington and what work they did in Skopje wasn’t discussed. “We talked about all concrete steps the Government takes, while I informed him about all laws adopted or prepared to advance the court and judicial system,” the PM stressed. The energy crisis, EU integration path, OSCE Chairpersonship-in-Office, and cooperation with the US to strengthen the court and judicial system and the rule of law in North Macedonia were other topics discussed.