Bulgaria’s Milkov and Vigenin Comment on Developments Related to Skopje

From Brussels, where he met Foreign Ministers of EU countries on Monay, Bulgaria’s caretaker Foreign Minister, Nikolay Milkov, didn’t rule out the possibility of a new veto for North Macedonia. However, he said he hoped it wouldn’t be used. The following day, in Sofia, the Deputy Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament, Kristian Vigenin, urged authorities in Skopje to refrain, as he said, from statements not leading towards a solution to the Skopje-Sofia problems. “We call on authorities in North Macedonia, as well as the leading politicians and parties, to refrain from statements and actions that do not lead towards solving of the problems, but rather to unacceptable escalation,” he said, adding that the escalation could result in long-term deterioration of the dialogue between the two countries. Vigenin stated that his party, BSP for Bulgaria, would insist on the Council of Europe and the OSCE being informed about the attack on Hristijan Pendikov, the beaten-up Secretary of the Tsar Boris III Bulgarian club in Ohrid. According to the Bulgarian Parliament’s Deputy Speaker, developments over the last couple of days in the relations between Skopje and Sofia show that his party’s stand not to support an end of the veto is right.