Appellate Court Overturns Verdict in 27 April Organisers Case

The Appellate Court in Skopje reached a decision to turnover the verdict in the case 27 April Organisers case, which was reached by the criminal court on 26 July 2021. In this case, several former state officials, among them former Transport Minister Mile Janakieski, former Education Minister Spiro Ristovski and former PS Trajko Veljanoski and Vladimir Atanasovski, all members of VMRO-DPMNE, were found guilty of organising and coordinating the breaking of a protesting mob in the Parliament of North Macedonia on 27 April 2017, during which several MPs were injured. From the Appellate Court they concluded that there have been several violations to the criminal procedure in accordance with Sections 1 and 3 from Article 415 from the Criminal Code, which have made the Criminal Court unable to properly applicate material law. With this, the Appellate Court abolished the prison sentences in total length of 25 years for the four defendants, overturning the verdict and demanding complete restart of the trial over this case.