Ruskovska: I Faced Pressures to Leave my Position at BPPOOCC

Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska revealed in an interview for “Top Tema” that she is facing revanchism and degradation in her career only because she opened the case against former Governmental Secretary General Dragi Raskovski. “They were offering me the opportunity to give up my position as Head of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime and Corruption and to take on the position of Deputy Basic Public Prosecutor. I believe they wanted to catch me in wrong in order to force me to give up on the prosecution of Raskovski, and I can add to this the fact that then PM Zoran Zaev once stated that he doesn’t believe in me when it comes to that case. They though I cared for my position only, while all I was trying to do is implement rule of law and respect the principles of the legal state,” Ruskovska said.