Government Marks Start of Project for Corridors VIII and X-d

The Government of North Macedonia organised on Tuesday a special event to mark the start of the construction of the projects along Corridors VIII and X-d. At the ceremony, PM Dimitar Kovacevski, First Deputy PM Artan Grubi, Transport Minister Blagoj Bocvarski, Director of the PE for State Roads Ejup Rustemi, as well as US Ambassador Angela Aggeler, revealed a signboard near the pay-toll booths on the Tetovo-Skopje motorway, which marks the start of construction and reconstruction of the roads along the two corridors. “Today we mark the start of one of the greatest projects in our country. The construction of Corridors VIII and X-d will allow faster and cheaper transport of passengers and goods around, to and from the country, and will thus boost the economic growth. With the completion of this project, our country will become an unavoidable point along the great transport routes to and from Europe,” Kovacevski said. US Ambassador Aggeler said that the realisation of this project is a major investment in the future of North Macedonia, and that the improved road infrastructure will allow the country to improve its regional integration and to also improve the relations with the neighbouring countries. First Deputy PM Grubi, who came to the ceremony with a T-shirt with the number 8 as symbol of Corridor VIII, said that he is very proud on the concluded agreement with the consortium of Bechtel & Enka, which will conduct the construction of the roads, and extended gratitude to DUI Leader Ali Ahmeti, saying that he is most deserving for the implementation of this project.