SDSM Start Terrain Activities with the Citizens

PM and SDSM Leader Dimitar Kovacevski marked at a party event in Veles the start of the new campaign of SDSM “Shoulder to Shoulder with the People”. “Starting today, we are present on terrain, as our slogan says, shoulder to shoulder with the people, for a better future for all of them, and not because parliamentary election will take place next year. While we took care so that no one is left without food and without energy, the opposition continued with their destructive and apocalyptic scenarios, trying to spread fear among the citizens. But the citizens can see properly who just stands from the side and obstructs things, and who really acts in favour of the people,” Kovacevski said, adding that over the coming period SDSM will organise over 900 tribunes with the citizens. VMRO-DPMNE reacted to Kovacevski’s announcement. “While they are on terrain, they should also go to the electric vehicle factory in Tetovo that never got to be, or to the signboard for Corridor VIII, one of the most criminal projects. The only thing they can present to the citizens are the investments of their close relatives. Kovacevski is well aware that the citizens do not support him, which is why he must act things out with terrain activities,” they state from VMRO-DPMNE.