Implementation of Project for Corridors Starting only on Paper

On Saturday, First Deputy PM Artan Grubi, Coordinator over the project for Corridor VIII, was nowhere to be found to mark the official start. There was silence also from Transport and Communications Minister Blagoj Bocvarski, even though he’d promised he would send a location to media. However, a press-release came instead. The implementation is starting, but only on paper. The excavators will for now remain unused. First, the ground will be scanned and it will be determined where the workers will sleep and where the machines will be. Activities are underway over several matters, including expropriation, potential relocations of underground installation, and route analysis, according to the press-release. It has not been revealed when construction works will start. According to VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, all citizens, not only MPs with security certificates, should see the deal with Bechtel and ENKA. The deadline for payment of penalties has started, Bocvarski confirmed on Sunday. However, as he explained, nothing has been paid so far, nor has the company asked for payment.